Thank to our extensive experience Lawyers, Datin & Associates can assist you  in intellectual property litigation, legal consultation in dealing with not only appeals concerning the acquisition of industrial property rights but also the enforcement of those rights. We represent our clients before the State competent authorities in IP Litigation & Dispute resolution to such issues. We are assisting you on:

  • Advising on dispute resolution strategy, analyzing advantages and disadvantages of parties to the dispute including trademark, patent infringement and protect the client’s patented technologies;
  • Assisting our client in copyright, trademark, and trade secret disputes as both plaintiffs and defendants;
  • Advising on dispute resolution method and solution. representing clients to negotiate the dispute with relevant parties.
  • Participating in investigation process, collecting and examining evidences and documentation. advising and assisting in preparation of documents to be presented to courts or arbitrators.
  • Advising on procedures and process of enforcement of court’s judgment, representation in court’s judgment enforcement process.
  • Acting as authorized representative and defending legitimate rights and interest of persons concerned in civil, commercial, labor and administrative cases.