The creation and development of trademarks could be of decisive importance to the survivorship of a whole company. Care must be taken right at the first steps of a new trademark to avoid potential pitfalls, maximize protection and assure proper management. With leading specialists on board, Daitin & Associatesproudly gained prestige in:

  • Trademark application: we process trademark applications, review on refusal and cancellations, and take opposite actions on behalf of clients. We review administrative decisions at the court.
  • Trademark consultation: we provide information kit upon request from clients on trademarks based on specific market research, regular check and trademark review.
  • Trademark strategic management: We propose strategic management plan in trademark registration and trademark protection. We employ administrative and juridical channels in protecting and advertising trademarks. We offer consultancy in trademark transfer, licensing, franchising, and legal debates.



  • Advising on strategies for trademark protection in general.
  • Managing trademark portfolios.
  • Providing trademark searches and watch services.
  • Prosecuting trademark applications.
  • Undertaking trademark opposition procedures, reviews on refusal and cancellations.
  • Pursuing judicial review of administrative decisions at the court.
  • Conducting market and company investigations.
  • Enforcing trademark rights through administrative and judicial channels.
  • Advising on trademark related issues arising in commercial transactions including licensing and franchising.